Sunday, August 5, 2007

{images carey & kyle words carey}

Time: 6pm
Bike: RX 1.0
Location: Fort Warden State Park - Port Townsend, WA

{Dorik, me, & Paul (our rider) meeting}

{I've been told that I have a fetish for hanging bikes in precarious places - I suppose I do a bit (but don't tell anyone)}

{Kyle emerging out of one of the several bunkers that make up Fort Warden}

{I thought I'd pitch the idea of including a ladder climb for the 2008 cyclocross season - so Paul thought he would try it out}

{I love long shadows}

{during cyclocross season in the NW Fort Warden is one of the venues that is used and this tunnel is part of the route}

{It seemed appropriate that Earl was hunkered down in this stairwell ready to "fire" off some pictures - we were in a bunker after all}

{Paul happy to be done with shoot}


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