Sunday, August 5, 2007

{images carey}

Time: 5am
Location: Hurricane Ridge Olympic National Park
Bike: Sojourn (our all-new steel touring bike)




James T said...

These are all awesome shots. I can't wait to see the new catalog.

humberboi said...

I can't find anything about the sojourner anywhere. I even called Raleigh USA and the CS guy couldn't tell me anything. Beautiful shots of a deserving ride.

BF kemyooter said...

The Sojourn will launch at Interbike and then you will be able to get all the skinny on this incredibly rad bike.

Keep checking back though; I might fill you in on a bit more, you never know.

Mike Myers said...

OMG! The Sojourn looks SWEET. I can't tell from the pics exactly, but those look like 26 inch wheels. I hope so, at least in smaller frame sizes. Surly has been selling every complete Long Haul Trucker they can make, so there's a market for an affordable steel touring bike. When's Interbike?


Anonymous said...

No fenders? For a full-on touring bike?

Is the GPS mount CSPC approved?
Reminds me of a Chopper shifter console.

Jimbo said...

Ordered mine a week ago can't wait to get it. These pictures are the closest I have gotten to one. Based on what I see it should be perfect for me. The final product has SKS fenders. I am trying to decide on a front rack a Surly nice rack, Nitto, or Jandd. Any thoughts?