Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I Don't Think This Will Surprise Anyone

I was asked for one word that would best describe Cyclocross...

{give it a click if you can't read it as it is, or find your glasses}

What's kinda funny...is the list of respected people from the Cross community on this thing.

And then there's me.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Now....Do This.

Wow...it's like I completely forget I have a blog that I should write on. I'd like to say it's because I've been so busy at work this past month, which is half true. The other half of my February looked like this...(in absolutely no given order cause I can't remember how last month happened at all)

{There was a "beer release"}

{a dirty chain}

{I went to NAHBs and hung out with people way cooler than me}

{This was the coolest thing I saw at NAHBs}

{Learned to NOT leave my phone unattended}

{this looked like a great place to party}

{Damage CornDog can do to you}

{This CornDog...}

{Raleigh's past and present}

{It's not my Snuggie...but it did in a pinch}

{If you find yourself in Telluride...tell'em Sally sent ya}

{Sure fire way to win DFL with a CornDog in hand}


{I do remember that this was rather early...with a CornDog}

{Valentine's day was quite romatic}

{I don't spend all my time on bikes and bar stools}

{Valentines day was dirty...but not in the way I wanted it to be}

{The shit!}

{If I seem a little "special"....it's the company I keep}

{Will you be mine?}

{I really wish I could remember how I got Cheese Food in my bag}

Anyway, the point of the whole thing is to say....If you're in Seattle, swing by the show. If you can guess what the "flavor of the morning" is that's on my breath...I'll give ya something.