Thursday, December 20, 2007

The week is coming to an end so that our holiday can begin. Us kids at Kemyooter will be on holiday sabbatical for the next week and a half; Brian's going to revisit the picture above by heading to Colorado and I'm going to stay here in Seattle and take my visiting parents on a couple bike rides in the city, and everyone else will be relaxing and enjoy winter ales and family.

From all of us here at Raleigh - ENJOY THE HOLIDAYS - we will see you next year.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Though this has nothing to do with bikes, it does have to do with speed, athletics, agility, bravery, and just all around amazingness.

I was totally blown away when I saw this it here.

You should also check this one it here.

And for a genuine chuckle...this one.


Friday, December 14, 2007


{words carey}

It's interesting how certain bikes we ride get more attention than others...I guess it has to do with the details, color, component choices, graphics (or lack there of), and maybe even the way it makes you sit. I bring this up because I have recently been riding my 2008 XXIX around the streets of Seattle and on my commute. Out of all the bikes I ride (1978 Professional, Prestige, & One Way), this XXIX has gotten the most looks and comments. I thought it was just people ogling me, but as soon as I heard, “Wow, that's a cool looking bike – what kind is it?” I knew it was all about the bike and not my looks. Which is cool, because I think it's a pretty good looking bike as well.

I thought the XXIX would be a totally fun urban assault bike that would take the wear and tear of a long commute and also be a fun machine to navigate through the city---hopping curbs, popping wheelies, dropping down small flights of stairs, etc. The XXIX is always my first choice for the mountains, and after tons of miles on trails, I figured if its that much fun on dirt, then it must also be a blast on pavement.

I took a stock 2008 XXIX, which runs about $770, slapped on some Vittoria Randonneur Cross 700x38c, swapped out the 33 tooth chain ring with a 44, put a Surly 18 tooth cog on the rear, brightened the bars with starry big cheese grips, rattle-canned the front fork white, and took the decals off. The result---one of the most fun and stylish urban bikes I have ridden in years. Plus, I can ride it in the mountains anytime just by swapping the tires and the gear. Oh...and that's a super rad Twin Six water bottle sitting in the cage.

An ubber-fun urban/mountain bike that gets more whistles than I do!


Bicycle to your work. A good affair.

Rough translation of titles through film:

if we sit so gladly on a bike
why do we stand then in the line?

Bicycle to your work. A good affair.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


{words images carey}

Lower light, more layers, heavier bikes, heavier bellies (those damn seasonal beers), darker mornings, darker evenings, cooler air, and hoards of rabbits. A winter wouldn't be without any of these things and despite the "ER" on the end of every word above - we are enjoying it tremendously.

At the 9lbs last night Brian and I were talking about riding partners and how you can ride with so many different people and there are the 2 or 3 people that you just jive with; you know each others movements, decisions, navigation's, and style so well that you never have to think when riding them. Well, Brian is one of those perfect riding partners for me and I am amazed every time I ride with him how everything just works. It is almost odd how well we connect while riding - same observations, generally the same thoughts, same outfits (yes we are dorks - but the equipment works!), same coffee addiction, same beer addiction, and same bike addiction.

It has been a year since the first day Brain showed me the route to get into Raleigh and I remember being hella confused, fatigued, excited, and happy. I had never ridden 50 miles in one day ever...I had never had to get off my bike for a rest ever...and I had never ridden in the dark ever. So, after a year of riding with Mr. Brian in celebration of finding a great riding partner a bird took a nice big crap on his arm this morning...(oh, and I bought him a nice big 9lb Porter last night as well so I guess it kind of makes up for the poop).

" a bird just pooed on me!"

We just can't get away from the suicidal trail rabbits - they somehow made their way into All City Coffee this morning. One of these days a rabbit is going to get sucked into our wheels and he/she is going to be sorry for playing chicken.

ColdER weather means throw the toe warmERs on.

Brian was rolling with a bit of color coordination.

We were either pedaling super fast or the light was low - couldn't figure it out (smile).

This must be the new Zip Car fleet that is taking over Flex Car - we couldn't quite understand why the blue car was so boxy and didn't follow an aerodynamic form like the others?

Brand new bridge boards - so new you could smell them!


Tuesday, December 4, 2007


{words brian}

T'was the day of the USGP in the land of Port
A 4Runner named Sue rolled on up, and backfired a report.
The costumes were dawn, and taped up with care
In the hopes my pants wouldn’t fall off, and show me all bare.
The serious racers, on their trainers they sped
While visions of victory clouded their heads
With my helpers in their stockings, and I in my cap
We slammed some whiskey real quick, to help break the cold snap

We approached the start line and caused such a clatter
Everyone looking and wondering, shouldn’t santa be fatter?!
The gun was fired and we were off like a flash
With the first mud puddle I was covered from the splash
The first lap was fast, and I was filled with fear
That the beer I had last nite would end up on my beard
My helpers they cheered as loud as they could
And the naughty girl yelling almost caused me to crash in the woods
In no time we were on the 3rd and 4th round
The mud was so thick my wheels spinning in the ground
When the snow started to fly, is when the delirium set in
I was singing Christmas Carols, and sporting a huge grin

Finally the finish line came and the end was near
I screamed as I crossed “you’re all naughty, now get me a beer”
To the keg from Georgetown we immediately head
We spread good Xmas cheer until that pony was dead.
With the greatest of Xms Cheer the people we met shared their tent, fire and food
Its amazing the combination of waffles and sausages could taste so flip’n good!
And as we were wrapping things up, we saw the ‘father’ of mountain bike
I gave him a Raleigh hat for Christmas, which I think he really liked.

Now the racing season is over and for that I’m glad
It’s time to misplace my pants, and watch my copy of RAD.
To my couch for the winter, with it I will not part
Covered in Cheetos, pizza crusts and only lifting my leg to…

More images:


{words carey}

Thought this little poster from Arkitip was funny:

...partly because I seem to say this far too often; I am a big promoter of fresh, organic, local, sustainable vegetables and a big promoter of bikes.

Seattle has had some epic weather the past 4 days with Saturday starting things with a lovely snow storm, blanketing the streets and city with a nice white glow. Sunday the snow left and the rains came down, and down, and down, and down... Monday arrived and the rain had no intention of letting up nor the 35mph winds, it was the second time in Seattle's history that we received the most rain in one day. I will admit I didn't ride during this epic storm, but I did think about it.
It was about a year ago that my commute was only 12 miles round trip; so I rode to work every single day, rain, snow, or shine - yesterday's epic weather wouldn't have even phased me. But, now I think twice. With a 50 mile round trip to the office - wet clothes, foggy glasses, and soggy toes start to become pretty annoying after mile 15 not to mention a little cold. It is truly amazing how the addition of 38 miles puts me in a different mind set about riding into work - there's more effort, earlier waking hours, having to actually ride with a repair kit, charging lights, packing my clothes (I used to just wear jeans everywhere), pack a lunch (I no longer have the cafes of downtown at my finger tips), and actually checking the weather the night before.

So, the weather will pass and back out on my bike I will be...