Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Well...we are officially back; the photo shoot was a success and I was happy to keep you all up to par with it. The buzz has been great and I am glad to hear everyone is as excited about these bikes as I am (and everyone here at Raleigh for that matter).

I wanted to take the time to give a HUGE shout out to the companies that provided us with their goods for the shoot. I must say our models looked super sharp; the clothing, eye wear, and shoes complimented our entire line of Raleigh bikes.

Our sincere thanks goes out to:











Monday, August 13, 2007

{images carey}

Time: 4pm
Bikes: Mojave 8.0 & Mojave 5.0
Location: Dungeness River Trail outside Sequim, WA

Last photo shoot of the trip.


{every shoot started with the preparation of bikes - load, unload, pump}

{lining up and waiting for the next run, I believe they were on their 10th pass of the same drop at this point}

{do it again!}


Sunday, August 12, 2007

{images kyle words carey}

Time: 5am (pretty dang early)
Bikes: XXIX & XXIX+G
Location: Hurricane Ridge Port Angeles, WA

I was a model for 2 of the shoots and this was the one I wanted to be in the most, as the XXIX is one of my favorite bikes to ride. I love this bike to death so it was awesome that I could be part of this shoot.

{damn, it's early}

{do it again!}

{so...I will come from here and then you go that way}

{I always knew Brain was obsessed with the Greek profile}

{images carey}

We still need to do an "official" shoot for the 2008 One Way - so while Kyle and I were waiting around for a turn in the weather we decided to hop on the One Way and the Detour Deluxe and take a tour around Fort Warden. Here just a couple pics from that exploration and a slight peek at what the One Way looks like for 2008. Oh...and yes that is a Brooks Saddle and Brooks Leather tape on the bike - it will come stock with this lovely spec.

Short, but sweet. I will post more pics of this rocking bike when I have a chance. Enjoy!


{images carey}

Time: 3pm
Bike: Eva (new women's specific hardtail mountain bike)
Location: Altair recreation area
Model: Cassandra

{images kyle & carey}

Time: 2pm
Bike: Detour Deluxe
Location: Food CO-OP Port Townsend, WA

{I was playing videographer again - Caroline was telling me about the items she purchased to pedal home to her family for dinner I believe it consisted of: Wine, beer, a french baguette, carrots, avocados, cabbage, flowers, Thai chips, and some fish}

{myself and Caroline after the shoot}

{bringing the groceries home to the family}