Monday, October 29, 2007


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Evil will always triumph because good, is dumb.

I don’t know if we were out to do good on Saturday but things definitely turned evil. A Super Hero bicycle ride around Seattle, helping citizens, performing ‘feats of strength’ and making the city a little bit safer.

Feats of strength…

One handed hill climb in Gas Works Park

Super toe down at the “Wall of Death”

One handed kiddy pool rim ride in Greenlake

Super Hero scramble up the Fremont Troll

Consume a Slooper Sized beverage at the Sloop in Ballard

Like a bad Episode of the Tick our collection of Heros took on the city. Midwest Girl and Retail Sales Guy were so overly polite to some people they turned and ran. Sanitation man picked up errant trash while anorexic Hulk proclaimed “Hulk not Hungry”. Captain Bubble Wrap protected various packages as Orgasmo aimed his gun at others. Nom de Plum proved the pen was mighty while Bathroom Matt and his scrubber of Justice walked all over the rest of us in ‘Superness’.

During our Super Patrol of the city we stopped and helped mild mannered citizens along the way. Making sure cross walks were clean and clear of cars. Turning ordinary photos people were taking into Super Photos by adding ourselves in the mix. Showing BMX groms the Super way of riding the BMX course.

At the end of our Super Ride only Bathroom Matt (earning the title of Most Super Hero) and Captain Bubble Wrap were still riding/standing until we came across Chuck Norris. Two swift round house kicks to the head and our Super Day was done…for some of us. As the sun set on our fair city…Captain Bubble Wrap (protector of packages) rode into the sunset and continued his search for injustice as Evil never rests!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


International sign for "YOU WANT TO RACE?!" (hands in the drops)

Brian 3
Matt 0
Carey 0

Who wants some?!

Some sprints were to be had last night on the way home and Brain by far was the superstar! I forgot to mention that on Monday Matt killed me on his Sojourn which was weighted down with his panniers; I don't think I have a future in sprinting but I will keep trying!

Right be fore we took off from work my new "commuter" the XXIX had a flat in the rear - so I had to change pedals and ride my Prestige...darn!

Brian was so happy that it was +60 degrees out last evening he thought he would document his joy. I think his collar was a little excited as well.

This was not staged...there must have been a ghost that slid our bags out of alignment on the trail so we had to re-adjust.

Nice...a short sleeve Twin Six jersey on October 23rd - pretty sweet.

We stopped in Georgetown and met up with my husband and a couple evening beverages...this was sitting next to our table. It's probably used as a bean bag toss or something...we thought our faces fit nicely in the stars.

The sun has set time to cruise home.



The morning was overcast, the light was low, a headwind kept us from advancing at a rapid pace, and Brian got the Magnum PI song caught in our heads.



Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Iron Horse Trail

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Sunny and warm- time to break out the ONE WAY “fixie” and prepare to start commuting in the “Northwet”!

Two sunny days in a row with temperatures in the mid60’s have provided a much needed break in what seemed like a long week of winter like weather – see (Yesterday We Opted For A Drive).

Sunday when I first sat down to write this entry (an attempt that failed) big rain drops were being pelted against my kitchen window by gusts of wind, tap, tap, tap. We had hail Friday afternoon that was still on the ground when I got home from work. It seemed like winter had descended down on us like a great pyroclastic from a volcano. Well, ok, maybe not that fast or destructively, but fast. It was just last Saturday that I was out on a great local classic ride – the Iron Horse Trail – on a beautiful sunny and warm autumn day.

The Iron Horse Trail is a rail to trails conversion that actually covers over 105 miles and is part of the greater Mountains to Sound Greenway a National Scenic Byway. I rode 18 miles of the Iron Horse Trail from Rattlesnake Lake up to Snoqualmie Pass through the 2.3 mile long Snoqualmie Pass Tunnel and back. While the grade of the Iron Horse Trail never exceeds 2.2% it is still uphill for 18 miles, but the scenery is worth it. The fall colors were if their full glory (at least for here in the Northwest) and the fast and running mountain streams under the tall railroad trestles cooled the air noticeably as you road past. Along the trail three are several popular rock climbing spot which were packed with climbers taking advantage of the weather and the trail was a busy as I have ever seen it with bicyclist, runners and hikers of all ages and abilities. If you ride the Iron Horse Trail bring a headlight and ride the tunnel. The trail though the tunnel is very well maintained, but it is dark, cold and a little wet (there are several areas where water comes down like rain from the tunnel ceiling), but it is worth the effort – very cool.

Anyway, back to the here and now – on Monday I put the One Way in the car to take to work in order to do a shake out ride at lunch. And yes, I have not been bicycle commuting for a while now, lots of excuses, none of them good. Now that the racing season is over and winter has come my commuting season has begun. After a summer of riding a very light (sub 16lb Raleigh Team) bicycle with 20 gears the One Way seemed a little heavy and I was having trouble staying on top of the gear. It did not help that this was only my third ride since September 30th. I have been off the bike quite a bit since returning from our industry’s annual trade show (Interbike). Alaska Airlines had done a number on my road bike on the return trip to Seattle and that combined with the usual post show, post racing season letdown had me a little down and discouraged. That makes the third bicycle damaged one way or another this year. But after a few miles I started to feel a little better and being out in the bright, warm sunshine felt great. While my legs and lungs eventually felt better, the part of my body in contact with seat did not. It is amazing how just a couple weeks off the bike and the butt goes soft, plus the Brooks saddle on the One Way needs a few more miles, say a thousand, to be really broken in.

The battery is on the charger, the rain gear out and ready, the Ortlieb Messenger bag set and adjusted. I just need to let my saddle sores heal. I pledge I will ride more times and more consistently this year – there now it is out there on the blogosphere, so I need to back it up. But there are so many excuses – I’m cold, I’m getting sick, it’s raining too hard……..


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Ahh...yet another sunny fall day in Seattle. I have decided today that I will keep a running tally of all the days we have rain (starting today); as I am curious just how rainy Seattle can be for a full fall/winter season.

The morning treated our trio of riders well; a new riding partner joined Brain and I - Ryan O. who is a rep for Montrail, Columbia, and Sorel footwear. It was his first ride down south and longest ride he has done in about 3 years; he had been following our blog and got inspired to ride along. Plus, having a new 2008 Prestige under him seemed to help (smile). He was like a little kid in a candy store, weaving in and out of the yellow dash lines, sprinting forward into the head wind, grinning from ear to ear...Brian and I just hung back watching him ecstatically pedal and weave around, it was as if we were watching our son take his first long ride. This is what I love about bikes, they bring the purist and most raw pleasure to us; it doesn't take a much...just a few pedal strokes, a brisk morning, an Americano, and good company.


First shot of coffee - Up Town Espresso Olympic Sculpture Park - 6:28am

Pile up - 7:00 am All City Coffee, Georgetown.

On our way to South Park with Rainier in full view.

This rig rolled up behind us in South Park and I felt like I couldn't get my camera out fast enough - luckily Brian had his and got a great shot of this custom dump truck - pretty sweet I must admit!

Rolling over the "coasting bridge."

Did I mention it was sunny this morning?

Came across Spiderman today and couldn't pass up the opportunity for a few snaps. Right after this, Brian started to sing the Spiderman theme, "Spiderman...spiderman...doing the things a spider can..." I piped in and questioned whether that was the correct song, I thought it was too corny. Ryan looks at me and says, "Where have you been Schleicher? That is totally the song!"

So, the bet was placed and whoever was wrong had to press the coffee when we got to office. So...I get to my desk and I have 2 emails in my inbox with this:

So...I had to press the coffee this morning!

Last bridge to Raleigh.


These men and this machine reminded me of those PlaySkool characters from the 80's.

Matt on his Sojourn - our ride home last night was so warm and sunny it felt like spring.

I extended my ride home as the weather was begging for more saddle time - this was the last bridge I crossed before walking through the Locks to Ballard.


Days of rain as of 10.23.07: zero

Monday, October 22, 2007


Ampersand Vintage has some great old bicycle related photos and ephemera up on their blog today.

Plus, there is a cool old Raleigh Industries Cycle Maintenance Handbook

Click here to check it out:

Friday, October 19, 2007


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First text sent 6:04am from me (c.) to Brian (b.)

c. - Looks pretty crappy out-thinkin of riding to Zeitgiest havin you pick me up as I hv no car 2day.
b. - Eithr or. i do nd 2 get gas 4 sue (his truck).
c. - Or i cld roll up 2 ur place
c. - Ill rollup 2 ur place. that way if its clear we can ride.
b. - Dnt 4get ur climbn legs

I arrived at Brain's house after rolling 6 miles of flat and then a grunt of a climb where I was greeted with a fresh cup of French Press and good weather. It seems when the winter comes around I am the human gage that indicates whether we should ride the next 20 miles to work or not. You see, from my house to downtown it is a nice little 6 mile jaunt, in those 6 miles I am able to gage how windy it is, how wet, snowy, ice, or cold it is. If I arrive downtown soaked, freezing, bruised (from slipping on ice) or feel that the headwind is a bit strong - the bikes go in the back of Sue for a mellow drive into work.

Today felt like one of those days - but the weather flipped from a down pour of a morning to a pleasant one. Off on our bikes we rolled across the Beacon Spine, which offers killer views of Seattle and Elliot Bay to the right and the Cascade Mountains to the left. As we dropped off the spine it was a short little jaunt over the interstate, a roll through a construction zone (that for the past 3 weeks has offered up some tricky navigation through cars-cones-tractors-hard hat workers-and grooved pavement), then it was a quick left to a right, a cut through a short yard and then onto the Green River trail.

Today was definitely a day of navigation all around; there were several trees down on the trail from the wind storm yesterday - jumping the trees with bikes over our shoulders definitely put some smiles on our faces. Enjoy the pictures.


Rolling the Beacon Spine

Rolling the Spine II

Rolling through a green belt down off of the Spine.

Navigation central - notice the woman's stop sign has a sticker that reads, "Women at Work" a bit of a funny juxtaposition.

First obstacle...
Brian always making obstacles look attractive.

My turn...

Pavement of leaves - awesome.

I found a toy along the way.

Second obstacle...

Random images from rides earlier in the week:

No pun intended Brian showed up at the coffee shop I noticed he was wearing the same Twin Six socks as I.

We also had a peculiar guest join us for coffee.

Bottoms up, time to roll.

Just recently, more of these bike lane indicators have been showing up on the streets of Seattle. It is about time!

Brain carting home a frame to build for a friend.

Ahh...the brilliance!