Thursday, January 28, 2010

I don't feel all

I have heard about the epic cold lingering in the Plains.

I've seen pictures of people in California freaking out about rain.

I read tweets every morning about how cold it is here, how much snow they have there, how they haven't seen the sun in...days.

And all the while...I've been smiling to myself as I've been riding into work with out a fender.

I've been wearing my Carhart's without fear.

The birds have been chirping.

There are blossoms on the trees already.

I've been ducking out of work and clocking some of the most unusually warm January rides ever this past week. And this morning was no exception as I took a longer route into the Raleigh MotherShip.

This has not been a typical week of riding. Every pedal stroke dances into the next. I've relished the lone tears being the only moisture on my face from my wind burned eyes. The early spring scents have drunkenly filled my olfactory with memories.

There's still some daylight that I need to enjoy.

Friday, January 22, 2010

The Journey...

of a thousand blogs begins with a single post.

I've been wanting to....but haven't.

I've been taking pictures...but keeping them to myself.

I've got words...I haven't been putting them down.

I've got miles...they've been by myself.

I've got ideas...but been afraid of criticism.

I'm on the road...but no idea where I'm going.

I've been sober...soooo boring.

So I present to you this humble offering in the hope that it will get the wheels turning again.

{The Unicorns : Show Poster circa 2004}