Monday, January 22, 2007


1997 IFab

Retired Fire Extinguishers {South Park}

Retired Fire Extinguishers 2 {South Park}

Really, I am Loving It {Tukwilla/Green River}

Remnants of Snowman From Previous Post

No Toe Covers! {Warm Morning}

Pedaled solo this morning. Brian failed to tag along, only because he had such a FUN- FILLED weekend riding bikes around Lake Washington & hitting the trails of Black Diamond. He forgot to take pictures, except for a pre-ride profile shot of his super rad 1997 IFab single speed. He promises to take some more next time.

My pictures are all self-portraits; a couple are of a strange yard filled with retired fire extinguishers. This spot is near South Park, a small industrial district that has so much visual stimuli that I would be late to work if I acted on the impulse to stop and take snapshots. Altogether a peppy ride with ipod rocking and legs pumping and a little curb jumping.

Bike: Carey – Rx 1.0
Coffee: Zeitgeist
Rant: Oxygen – I crave excess amounts of it – riding is a perfect way to satiate it.

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