Thursday, June 21, 2007


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When you go to meet your fellow commuters for a cup of ambition and the Barista over sleeps? Plan B.

Seattle is, as everyone knows, littered with coffee and espresso stands. Most of us ride past the corporate headquarters for both Starbucks and Tully’s on our daily ride. Unfortunately, once you pass All City Espresso in Georgetown the scene becomes very bleak. The heaven of coffee stands turns into a virtual purgatory the farther south we go to work, and we all know this. So All City was closed this morning. Why? We may never know. Many of us left the house without “fueling” counting on our shop to supply us with our fix. Quickly my mind scrambled for coffee stands…and came across the one stand that we all talk about but almost never stop at…Cowgirls Espresso. A little coffee stand attached to a Casino with more character than you can shake a dollar bill at that we pass everyday.

Upon arrival the familiar line up of construction vans and trucks were stretching around the side of the casino. Being on bikes we went straight for the walk up window, grabbed a stool and placed our orders to the Barista dressed in lacy underwear. The 15 minutes it took us to drink our coffee and watch the spectacle, that is Cowgirls, was interesting. Watching the cavalcade of Canyonero style SUVs waiting for the barista to either act excited to see them or flip them the bird and give them advice on their hygiene almost had my Americano coming out of my nose. The Americano isn’t bad by the way. No where near what we would have received at All City, but we wouldn’t have received the same show that we did at Cowgirls.

As we rode away I recall Busto commenting that we stayed 13 minutes too long of 15. Sometimes the fantasy of something is far better than the reality.

I crashed right there one time and my chin hit the curb.

I (carey) will leave you with a very raw, un-edited film clip of our ride in.


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