Monday, February 1, 2010

"If You're Going to Fall Off a Wagon..."

"try and break something on your way down"

Here's my advice for the day...the best way to get rid of a Tequila Hangover should not involve...

a) Enough Beer choke a donkey

b) National Champ and World Champ Skinsuits

c) Shoving beers into said skinsuits because they don't have pockets

d) Tater Tot handups at the beginning of a Mountain Bike Time Trial.

e) Cramming a fist full of said Tater Tots into a racers helmet

f) Karaoke duets with no karaoke machine.

g) Diner party with the Wax On waxings were performed...except poetically...with wine.

h) Ducking out of the party for some Bourbon to wash away the wine and wax talk.

i) A firework...not firework.

The only exception to this is...

a) have good friends who can accomplish this all of this over the span of 14 hours and not blow off their fingers with the lone firework.

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Argentius said...

And to think, THIS is the is the most hardcore commuter in the office, ladies and gentlemen.

Or, maybe second-hardest.

Strap it on!