Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Did You Ride Back?

{Tequila Tonite...Tomorrow I ride}

Alright...I'm the first to admit it. I might have a 75watt bulb upstairs, but the source is only kick'n out 45watts of power. I'd like to blame beer...but as we all know, you never blame beer for your follies. Beer is like the lube on your chain that keeps things running smooth. A little bit of it will get ya around but if you're doing something big a litt more is needed to keep things running smooth. Use too much and things get dirty, messy and it ends up all over the place. Apply the right amount on a regular basis and things will run smooth and hassle free.

So on a Wednesday night where my chain ended up dripping wet...I decided I was going to ride to Portland that upcoming weekend.
200 miles. (ended up being 199)
One day. (All day)
On my track bike. (cause i've done it on gears before)
Unsupported. (what does that even mean?! I'm supportin my ass on every ride)
Alone. (I actually didn't choose friends are intelligent)
WTF?! (!)

Big rides have been documented. People have gone further. People have done it faster. People have done it more "hard core" than I did...I mean was wearing spandex and applying chamois butter like Nutella on a crepes. If I really wanted to get tough guy points I woulda rode in my Carhartts, Sambas, and a Tshirt and ate nothing but hot dogs with relish. Honestly...there was nothing about the ride that warrants any kind of anything.
So why do it? Not sure. I do know I've fallen into a rut as of late. I've been lacking motivation, inspiration, and deprivation. And this seemed like the right thing to break me of it all.


{whole lotta time to yourself out there}

{All this meant was I had another 50+ to go}

{this was the view I saw the most of}

{the search for beer}

{ and strippers. We all know that's the main reason I did this}

Did it work? Time will tell. And NO...I didn't ride back to Seattle the next day. That sh*t's dumb.

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