Wednesday, February 7, 2007

To ride or not to ride…why is that a question?

{words by brian}

Sure, grey skies and drizzle can sap your motivation when trying to wake up first thing. The idea of trying to warm up during that first cold mile of riding can bring you down. And cars passing you by, grazing your handlebar, can make you second guess why you got on your bike in the first place. But once you get rolling…you realize that the sun is trying to peak through the clouds and the drizzle isn’t a down pour. The second mile quickly turns into 20 and you want to keep rolling right past work for more. And the same cars that were whizzing past you earlier are watching you pedal on by, as they sit and wait to start moving again.

Bike: Rush Hour
Coffee: Evil Empire (one for the boss as I was running late)
Rant: A bike ride is much cheaper than a therapist.

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