Friday, February 9, 2007


{words by matt}

Why, oh why didn’t I take the day after my 30th birthday off? Because I’m a glutton for punishment, that’s why. Never the less, I made my commitment to ride into work with Carey and I was going to keep it. So with tears in my eyes I headed off Capitol Hill to meet her and head in.

There’s an issue that seems to rear its ugly head when Carey and I ride together, and it showed up again Thursday morning, flat tires. We heard it while traveling down 4th south, that hissing, spitting sound we all dread. “Is that a flat tire?” Carey asked. “No, I think you just rode through some sand.” But I knew better. Stop, fix, get on, go. We hadn’t even made it half a mile when all of the sudden a herd of cats came out of no where and made me crash! Ok, maybe I hallucinated the cats, but I definitely crashed. Brand new bar tape, shredded. Personal pride, shredded. I did come out of it uninjured though.

The remainder of the ride went by relatively uneventful, especially as we passed our favorite coffee stand on International Blvd. Big trucks with tinted windows ruin it for all of us.

A successful adventure/commute with a great partner, life is pretty good at 30.

{Raleigh HQ}

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