Wednesday, February 20, 2008


And they were off to Portland!
{shared words & images by brian & carey}

{leaving Raleigh HQ - 6 bikes and 3 people}


You’ve seen all the pictures from the Handbuilt show. You heard that Lance was in attendance and Robin Williams would neither confirm nor deny a Mork and Mindy remake…it couldn’t be any worse than the remake of Starsky and Hutch.
You’ve seen pictures of the prettiest working bikes there by Signal, Black Cat, Ant, Ira Ryan, and IFAB You’ve heard everyone praise the city of Portland, and complain about the fact the show will be in Indianapolis next year.

Did you hear it was Diablo Rojo’s Birthday during the show?
Did you hear that Carey and I exchanged shots/drinks with Steve Hampsten until the Clyde Common shut down.

Did you hear that the best way to spend a sunny afternoon in Portland involves bicycles, the Doug Fir, beer, cheesy fries, a fire pit, and a never ending stream of hipsters and douche bags for entertainment?




Did you hear about the Roller Races that Rapha hosted?

{image by dontbecreepy}

Did you hear that even the Canadians are confused by the ‘hipster’ movement? (someone please flush)

Other random snaps of the weekend:

{Portland's beautiful bridges - we couldn't get enough of them}

{every morning, every afternoon, everyday - Stumptown rules!}

{the ACE Hotel was the most wonderful place I have stayed in awhile - Brian and I took advantage of the Stumptown coffee bar every morning which was conveniently placed in the lobby}

{after 6 straight hours of looking at the most beautiful bikes of 2008 we went back the ACE scoped out our propaganda from the show}

{all most everything at the ACE was either recycled or handmade - Portland is awesome! photo credit - bloom and rot}

All this…and apparently we’re becoming ‘blog famous’ (as we were recognized in a bar by some Yazoo folk) . Not bad for something we have to do in our spare time. Next trade show for me (Brian) is Taipei next month. Can’t wait to see what 09 kids streamers are going to look like!


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ChrisB. said...

A "never ending stream of hipsters and douche bags" - we have those here in New Haven too!