Friday, March 28, 2008

Brave new world

As the snow began to fall this morning I cursed aloud the lousy March weather in Seattle and chill came over me. I would like to think it was the wind blowing though my house or maybe it was the total lack of heat in my decrepit Hooverville of a home. However, I knew it was neither of these. It was the harsh realization that today was the last day I’d have in the familiar Raleigh I’ve grown accustomed to. Matt Case was on his way over for a “last breakfast” before we commuted into work for the last time. This struck particularly hard as on Thursday I rode into work with Carey for the last time. Both are leaving Raleigh to pursue new jobs and new places. Both are heading to Portland and staying in the bike industry. Case is going to be working for Cyclone Bicycle Supply, and Carey will be at the new US office of Rapha. While I’m about as depressed as a rider can get at loosing his two best riding partners, I’m very excited for the both of them. They are both very talented people that bring energy, excitement, and passion with them in everything they do…I’m excited to see what their futures will hold.

Always big smiles and big miles.
Last Day Ride...(sniff)

Cheers kids. You'll be missed.


Kemyooter said...

Hey kid,

It was definitely good times on all levels, in all veins, and all around.

Thanks for posting my ever attractive goof off hat picture - everyone that is joke...I really don't wear hat combinations like that (ha, ha, ha!)

So I guess this is a tag your it kind of thing and now it my turn to shed a tear or two and say good bye. Save me a slot for the next post (wink).



sherry said...

you'll just have to come to Portland more now.

friends + bikes + voodoo donuts = FUN!

ChrisB. said...

Your blogosphere audience members will miss you as well. Good luck at the new gig and I look forward to reading your new Rapha blog.

Someone will need to step up and pick up the slack here in Raleigh Commuter land.


James said...

Good luck at the new job Carey. I'll be looking for the new Rapha blog too as well as watching to see how this one evolves.