Wednesday, March 5, 2008


{words & video carey}

The days are getting longer and last night while rolling home solo I found a silent riding partner that accompanied me until the sun set.

The music flowing through my ipod at that moment was the perfect soundtrack to rolling with my shadow. Song: Always Fade Band: Low Album: Drums and Guns


K said...

Low's some good stuff for riding, indeed. I love it when the shuffle brings 'round some long-forgotten gem and just perfectly fits the pace, weather, mood, etc. for the ride.

ChrisB. said...

I already loved you guys for your inspirational blogging on all things cycling-related; I stopped by just last night for a little encouragement before heading out for a casual hour long ride. But now that I've found out you have great taste in music, I like you even more.

-Chris (who finds transcendence through both bikes and music)

CS-H kemyooter said...

you are spot on in regards to how enjoyable it is to have a song hit perfectly with all rhythms of your ride and is life's perfect soundtrack - I enjoy it greatly. You are right about those "long-forgotten gems" those are magical moments for sure.

I am so happy I have fellow Low fans! Our ipods are full of goodies -you have made our day in letting us know that we are "inspirational" bikes, music, atmosphere, air, light, and life seem to do that - I love that!!!!!


Enjoy - Carey.

ChrisB. said...

For anyone who likes this sort of thing, here are some free downloads courtesy of me. Songs for both slow and brisk riding.