Tuesday, December 9, 2008



The costumes can be stored.
The Rainier can be hung up after a complete overhaul.
The "winter training" can really begin.

The highlights from the USGP in Portland this weekend?
Mud bogs that went on for miles.

A 9:30am start time for the SS class?! (Most SS Cross riders can't even get to work that early!)

One of the best races I've seen, in the Pro Category on Saturday.
One of the best displays of raw power, in the Pro Category on Sunday.

Portland crowds.

And being suckered into the "we'll dress up if you do" routine.

Things I learned from my second season of cross?
Mud is the greatest equalizer.
If you want to get "results", play by the rules.
If you want to have fun, ride your style of race.
Heckling is what makes this sport so much fun.
After downing a bacon covered maple bar, don't chase it with a beer in front of an official.
Leather pants may suck to run in...but they keep the mud out of "areas". Orange Hot Pants, complete opposite!

I may have done only one race in Seattle this year but you can bet your "hand-up" I'll be here...

My good friend Brad of Bicycle Adventures is responsible for all the pictures you see here. If you want to see more of my muffin top....go here.


Ryan said...

Btw. The photo on the flyer is courtesy of Jose. I needed it last minute and assumed he wouldn't mind me stealing it. Thanks again Brujo! :)

BF kemyooter said...

You can see more of Brujo's pictures by clicking on the flyer.