Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Apparently, I have too much of it on my hands these days.

As you can spy by the side bar not only have I been able to add a Facebook page to break Raleigh out of it's "shy" stage, but I've gone ahead and started posting pictures on Flickr. I'll be uploading pictures there on a pretty regular basis. I'm going to try and keep it pretty Raleigh related. Pictures of new bikes, events, Raleigh shops, Rides, Teams, company BBQ's, and maybe dress it up with a Bacon shot.

And since I was on such a roll, I thought...Why stop there?! If people would have stopped at Ham, we'd never have Bacon. If bicyclist were fine with P-fars, mountain biking would look completely different. And if Lance would have retired, what would the VeloPress have to write about these days?

I'm still learning the easiest way to work a lot of this...but trial by fire is usually the best way right? Playing Ultimate Frisbee taught me it was possible to slam a pitcher of beer out of Frisbee, dance all night, and wake up in strange places wearing an afro the size of Fletch's. So in the true spirit of the game...I'm going to the Tour of California loaded with all this new technology and see just what happens.

In all likely hood...this will be my last posting as I'll screw something up and the Raleigh Accounting Department will learn where my secret birthmark is, and my slurred Tweets will offend someone. Resulting in a very public pink slip on all these social media.

It's going to be interesting...I'm going to try and Sabotage some Gold Sprints.

Ride the first four days of the Tour.

Find Swobo HQ and set a flamming bag on their door step.

Try and catch a ride with CX Magazine just to name a few items on the check list.

Wish me luck...at any of it.


CAREY S-H said...

I'll be out riding from Palo Alto to Santa Cruz on Stage 2. See you at the finish for some wine or a beer?

BF kemyooter said...

You better believe it!