Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What's Got 2 Thumbs And Is Whiter Than White?

{This Guy}

So I didn't come back from Cali with a tan. (sigh) However, I wouldn't let the Seattle Weather in a Non-Seattle location ruin the trip away from my desk. And neither would my gracious host...Brad.

Brad is the operations manager for the bicycle tour company Bicycle Adventures based up here in the NW and an old friend. So when he called me up and said that he had the first few days of the Tour laid out, a house with a hot tub, a bike for me to ride, and a fridge full of beer waiting for me....come on! Honestly, what would you do?!

I had to use my "word hole" to the best of it's ability to convince the powers that be that this would be a work trip. Weaving key words (meet dealers, talk to Mag Editors, swag) to create a tapestry of never ending meetings and schmoozing while there. It was beautiful.

Right off the plane Brad had us on Cross bikes and pedaling to catch the last rays of sun before it disappeared for the rest of my time there.

{Biggest, Fastest Vegetarian on a Bike}

{New sights, and an old familiar one to ride}

{Yup...it was a nice ride}

{The Sun beat us down the hill}

As we settled in the pot of human stew, beer in hand, Brad regaled me with tales of the foreboding ride we would to tomorrow...the (Damn that beer is tasty) 7 Bitches.

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