Thursday, September 10, 2009

Misplaced Dignity

Much like waking up in a strange place.
Feeling like someone left a hairdryer on in my mouth.
Head pounding.
Pants missing.
Covered head to toe in shame.
I've been on the recovery trail of a wicked blog party. And much like every good party, I've had a hangover that's gripped me tight like a chubby kid to a piece of cake.

For better or worse...I think I'm coming around and coming out of hiding. Massive amounts of bacon, Mountain Dew, and the idea of getting muddy again this fall have been my Ibuprofen. With that...I want to make sure ya'll know that registration is now open for the best time you'll never remember...

Sign up now. It's the best regret you'll ever have.

To get you ready for it...I've been hard at work (drinking) and soon...very soon...I will be unleashing a SSCX frame and promotion the likes the cycling community have never seen. To give you an idea...think "Willy Wonka" and that magical Golden Ticket.

{start saving your're going to want in on this}

Much...much more to follow.


sasquatch2 said...

that's 1 fat panda bear on the headtube... is that what I'd look like in a skinsuit??? great work guys, your bikes rock!

sda said...

good to see you @sswc broheim. thanks for the pibber. and you looked mahvelous, if i don't say so myself.

AnnaLisa said...

Is there a chance this will come in a 49 cm? Maybe the white one? Please!!!! This is such an awesome idea by the way. I love the sscxwc commemoration.

BF kemyooter said... could find the old Aqua Sapone Zebra skinsuit instead...

sda...if we can't win, we might as well look fabulous!

AnnaLisa...50cm is going to be the smallest we make, I hope that'll work. And no promises as to what size the white bike will be. (thanks, I think it'll be fun)