Monday, July 9, 2007


{words brian}

“1K2. Jerseys must be worn in all races and shall cover the shoulders. No additional equipment, whether worn over or under a rider's uniform, which has the effect of reducing wind resistance is permitted, except in the case of inclement weather, additional covering designed solely to protect against precipitation or cold may be worn. However, shoe covers are permitted in any conditions." - USCF Rulebook

This rule ended my race in Redmond before it even started. The race officials have, apparently, had enough of my shenanigans and decided to crack down on me. Minutes before the race was about to start I was told to change my outfit or get off the course. I argued my side briefly, but realized all I was doing was wasting precious seconds. I scrambled to look official, but wasn’t quick enough. By the time I got back to the Start/Finish line the race was already underway. I tried to chase back on for 5 (or so) laps but was never able to see the end of the group. I sat up and waited to be absorbed by the pack and just raced from there. I felt good at the end, it looks like I was top 10 in a field of 75 (you can see my pissed off face over the shoulder of the winner). I didn’t contest for the over all victory, as I didn’t want to F up the results…hind sight, I should have. I should have and crossed the finish line with ‘fingers a blaze’n’.

It was fun while it lasted, but it looks like the coveralls will have to be retired till ‘Cross season. I have a feeling my ‘antics’ will be better appreciated there.

{Not very happy - click to enlarge - photos}


Anonymous said...

Nice job you loser!

Dr. Logan said...

You should have pointed out the inherent flaw in their rule; it depends on what your definition of is is.

James said...

Oh come on, you have to play by the rules. I can clearly see from the photo that your loose fitting shirt and argyle socks have "the effect of reducing wind resistance." If you were going to race in that, you might as well have been hopped up on EPO too.

Seriously though, I had the same thing happen to me once at a crit. I had to borrow a jersey at the last minute (a nice sparkly metallic silver one that was 2 sizes too small). I was still getting my number pinned on when the race started. I was standing right by the official for a long time, but he waited until right before the start to tell me I had to change my jersey. That is what made me mad. I wouldn’t have minded if I had been warned ahead of time.