Thursday, July 19, 2007


{words & images carey}

Vibe #1
“Wow check out that plane over there!” I said, while pointing to the right.

“Huh, what, where?” Brian questions as he looks around.

I have to admit, my “hey look” comment was pretty vague, and Brian was still scanning the tarmac for the plane I told him to look at as we approached an intersection that was empty. Within a second, though, a large Ford pick-up emerged, forcing me to swing a little wider than the line we were originally following and - BUMP! - I feel a soft body hit my arm and see Brian on the ground at least five feet from his bike, still looking for the plane.

Vibe #2
Back on the bikes, talking about the Tour and all the crashes that have happened this year and - “Holy, S*#$!!!” - as we come around a blind corner a husky guy is heading straight for me. He was huge and moving fast. I’m thinking, “How am I going to take the impact most efficiently, but at the last moment we both swerve; I sucked the left side of my body in to avoid getting a shoulder in the face and Brian swerved into the bushes. We missed near carnage by half an inch. My heart hasn’t beat that fast on the way into work for a very long time - shooo!

Vibe #3
There‘s a detour on the Green River trail due to some construction (which in my opinion has taken way too long); it leads you up an overpass and has you cross a rather busy four-lane road. Brian and I scoped out the traffic and saw a generous gap between cars that looked good to jet through - BEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPP! - The car that was probably about 5 car lengths back decided to speed up and honk us loud and long. What the heck?

Lastly, we were passed by a large entourage of Army vehicles with satellites and trucks full of what looked like hard suitcases, both being escorted by two stealthy-looking Ford trucks. A bit creepy.

So, for a ride that we thought was going to be normal this morning ended up being strangely eventful. “Ohh, but the Americano we started off with was so good! How did the ride end up like this?” Brian asked as we rolled into Raleigh. “Well, I did have goose bumps this morning and I don’t think it was from the cold – maybe a dark spirit was following us.” I suggested.

{This Monorail building machine has now lifted the parts that Brian was goofing around in from this POST}

{Pretty amazing machine}


Fritz said...

Has anyone from the Dept of Homeland Security contacted you yet for posting photos of army equipment? Loose lips sink ships, y'know ;-)

Hey, I'm hearing from a *lot* of people who bought a One Way and they all tell me they love the bike. Many of them are complete newbies to bike commuting, too. You all did good in designing that thing.

Busto said...

"I don't know who's more dangerous: you or the enemy."