Thursday, July 5, 2007


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Buyer’s guides, team requests, 2008 product launch, 2009 concepts, sunny weather, fresh produce, summer vacations, so on and so on . . . Summer is in full swing, which for me means getting up when the sun rises and staying out until it sets (here in Seattle that's about 9:45pm); the summer months are precious to us NW folk - the gloom is not that far off. So, cutting to the chase - postings have been sparse. The bike industry is in full swing and everyone here at Raleigh has less time to craft stories and recollect our commutes. But, we are still out there, riding everyday to and from work.

Yesterday was a particularly fun commute. I met Brian for coffee at Zeitgeist before we rolled down to the Cascade Designs offices and manufacturing facility.

We were scheduled to met Erik Flink (Brand Manger for SealLine bags) to get a tour of their buildings and to hook-up with one of their new cycling inspired Urban Packs. Cascade Designs is the mother of Therm-A-Rest, SealLine, MSR, Platypus, and Tracks. Recently, a Cascade Designs employee had gotten a bike through us and while exchanging emails I mentioned that I was intrigued by SealLine's new urban packs. I have been riding with an Ortlieb for the past 4 years and have been looking around for something different. Not that there is anything wrong with the Ortlieb, I guess I’m just a bit bored with it, and yet it’s been hard to find a replacement because it fits me so well. The SealLine pack is a possible solution, but I’ll have to give it a few miles to see if it holds up to the commute. It has a couple added features, such as the welded front pocket and daisy chain, and it weighs in at 2lbs, which, for a 37 liter pack, is super light. So, Erik Flink hooked me up with a pack and gave Brian and me a tour of their manufacturing facility in south Seattle.

I had always known that Cascade Designs was a Northwest company, but I didn't know it made all their products here. I am a big fan of keeping things local and I was excited to see a super innovative company that supplies the world with some of the most advanced camping and outdoor equipment exist just south of downtown.

Bellow you will find a few images of MSR's stove manufacturing facility and some images of current and past commutes that I have been late in getting up. Enjoy!

{MSR Stove packaging, fuel lines, and a contraption that tests every stove for fuel leaks.}

{Georgetown Post-Carnival findings}

{Perimeter Rd - I feel like that bush sometimes}

{A new route in offered an amazing 6am view of Seattle and Elliot Bay}

{My favorite wolf pack is back after being painted over by the city & yes...we saw a riding chipmunk in Georgetown the other day}


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