Thursday, September 20, 2007


For those of you attending the"Bright Lights, Bumping Tunes, Fast Bikes, Great Beer" Cyclocross opener in Seattle on Sept. 22nd - make sure to bring your camera. We have put up two Retro NX3 Cruiser's as the prize for the best picture. So snap rapidly, set your exposure for longer than normal, and send in your pics. You can find all info here: hagens berman cycling.

Also, click on the poster above to view rules and where to send your pictures.



Keith said...

So bummed I couldn't make it to Star Crossed. I know it's a bit unorthodox, but I've been trying to track down a '07 One Way (59), and so far none of the shops I've called have been of much help. Ya'll got any suggestions--I'm in the S Sound, so my options are a little limited.


(P.S. I saw ya'll blaze past at the MS ride but never got a chance to say hi).

CS-H kemyooter said...


The One Way for '07 maybe sold out as we are now flipping over to '08. If you are a Seattlite than Recycled Cycles is your best bet for tracking this bike down

The new '08 One Way is up on our website so check it out! Our dealers should be getting these by the end of this month early Nov.


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