Wednesday, October 10, 2007


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Ahh...finally we are back on the streets of Seattle, South Park, Georgetown, Tukwilla, and Kent. Interbike has come and gone and Brian's 2 week mountain biking hiatus has ended; what next to do, but get back into the ceremony of riding to Raleigh every morning and riding home every evening.

We left Seattle three weeks ago wearing tank tops and shorts; now we are back and the weather is asking for gloves, chrome knickers, taller socks, soft shell uppers, fenders, and bright lights.

Fall has arrived and I must admit I am thoroughly stoked. How can you not be stoked when the leaves of the trees you have passed all summer are starting to dress themselves in oranges, yellows, and reds? How can you not be stoked about the chilly weather that makes that triple shot americano taste better than it ever has? How can you not be stocked that pumpkins, ghosts, Christmas lights, and rabbits are going to litter the streets? And how can you not be stocked to put your Cat Eye Triple Shot on your bike so you can roll through the silent darkness of a winter morning? To say the least I am excited for a winter of riding; not only to work but in the mountains and around the roads of Washington.

Here are some pictures of us welcoming in the colors, smells, and temperatures of fall/winter.


Morning Blur - 6:30am

10 minutes later I was greeting with fire in the sky!

I told you Ghosts were starting to come out.

Trees around the bend.

Grabbing gloves on the run - a bit chilly out there.

Brian keeping the fun between his legs!

PJ rolling.

Matt with the train cars near West Seattle.

Rolling back into the city after work.

Brian came across this gathering of the art pigs in downtown Seattle.

Until - Monday Enjoy the Ride & Enjoy the Fall!

Over and Out.


folly moster said...

Nice photos you guys.

Hey where is coveralls? I keep thinking I'm gonna be able to heckle him at cross race, but so far no luck. Did Brian take a hiatus from that debauchery as well?

Anonymous said...

You name the time and place...and the coveralls will be back on! I'll expect a couple PBR hand ups though...