Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships - Portland, OR

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Bikes: RX 1.0 & One Way

Day one. Time Trial.

The Time Trial was simple. Ride the Cross course as fast as you possibly could for one lap…then puke. After finding out that there were over 150 riders registered for the TT our mantra became “place in the top 65”. Anyone outside the top 65 were then relegated to the Wild Card race later in the afternoon to try and qualify…unless they were able to complete various Time Bonus sections that the promoters had set up. The aero-bar down hill, the 3 sec beer slam, or the 6pk barrier bunny hop. We arrived with our rag tag crew of merry pranksters with just enough time to grab our registration, get our start time, and get suited up in our ‘working man’ gear. When they posted the times our entire team was shocked when only I had qualified for the following day. Fortunately Cleveland qualified because of a DQ, and Higgins lit up the Wild Card race placing 2nd to easily make it to the next day.

Day Two. SSCXWC.

I knew we were involved in something special when the promoters’ called up all riders name by name from the previous days time posting…got everyone settled…and told us to turn around. Many groaned…I started laughing…this is awesome! Making the pros fight for the title by having to navigate their way through all shenanigans lined up in front of them. When the gun went off I did my best at boxing out Adam Craig as long as I could…and then focused on the Tequila Shortcut (brilliant) which I dutifully hit on every lap until they ran out of Tequila. The shots defiantly warmed me up and took some of the sting off the Dodge Ball I took to the face in the Dodge Ball alley, but made me think I was hallucinating when I came across the Bikini Girl in the forest. I hit the kicker every lap, took a beer hand up every lap and even made a couple dollar preems outside the beer garden…by getting up on a podium where my cheerleaders were standing, working the crowd and mack’n on my girls.

By the end of it all our cheerleaders became the podium girls and I learned I will NEVER wear leather pants in a Cross race again.

I gotta say thanks to Cross Crusade as they put on the funnest cycling event I’ve ever done. Although they were brazen enough to say that we were giving Seattle Cyclocross a better image. Better?! We’ll see if we can’t put a little tarnish on it next month as they requested our presence at the GP Dec 1st and 2nd.

Final Results for Team KISS KROSS…not that it matters.





We will leave you with some pictures {CLICK TO ENLARGE}


The commander and chief

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I Martin said...

Good work there, God of Thunder.

Flametop59 said...

Your cheerleaders/podium girls got their picture on They reported on the Single Speed Championships and the had a picture of the podium that featured your supporters.

Looks like everyone had a good time. I am thinking of getting a singlespeed cyclo cross bike now.