Wednesday, November 7, 2007


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SSCXWs are this Saturday and Sunday in Portland OR. Over barley pops one nite, my friends and I decided it would be a great idea if we signed up for it. So we did. With the race looming on the forecast like so many winter storms in Seattle, I went to Donida Farms this past weekend for a little taste of what I was in for.

Who’s the freak’n masochist who came up with this idea?! Not only is it hard enough trying to ride skinny tires through muck and mud, but let’s throw some barricades and running hill climbs in for good measure. Oh wait…now lets get rid of the possibility of shifting. Who’s the masochist now?!

Objectives for my first cross race…

1) Clear the barriers…not catch my foot and fall like a screaming white girl in a horror movie. Check.
2) Stay upright…well…skinny tires aren’t MTB tires…I went down but popped up so fast that a lot of people missed it, but those that caught it were cheering louder.
3) Don’t puke…check. Don’t ask me how…but check.
4) Don’t finish DFL…check. Heck, I actually missed the top 10 by 5 sec.

Lessons learned at my first cross race…
1) PBR is better left for after the race
2) What was a great line in the mud on one lap is the worst line the next lap
3) There is nothing graceful about jumping in the air and slamming your ‘junk’ on a skinny saddle
4) When spectators slap you on the ass…that means go faster. (Cross crowds are the greatest ever!)

Can’t wait for this weekend as KISS KROSS descends upon Portland.

Stretchin' the PBR into the muscles to make them real loose.

Dismount. Run like hell (smile of course). Descend.

Portland and the SSCXW look out for KISS KROSS!

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good work.

you should check this out. you might recognize the backfat.