Monday, November 12, 2007


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KEMYOOTER is approaching its 2nd lovely, exciting, rad, passionate, funky, influential, and just all around cool blog year! So...for the up coming year we’ve decided to add a little diversity and throw in an “etc”; which basically means adding lifestyle stories since bikes are a big part of our lives.

If you read our intro copy in the 2008 Raleigh catalog, it goes a little something like this:

“At Raleigh, bicycles are our passion and lifestyle. We design them, we build them, and we ride them. We race. We commute. We climb and descend mountain trails and passes. We strive for the perfect ride everyday. Our bicycles are a product of this passion.”

With that said, bicycles are definitely a lifestyle for us; we breath everyday to pedal our machines so we can breather harder and deeper; to and from work, on the race course, navigating city traffic, rolling on single track, hitting the pubs, touring, getting life's essentials (groceries), and creating new experiences. The straight-up Kemyooter title just doesn’t cut it anymore – it’s a bit restrictive. So…we welcome you to the new “KEMYOOTER ETC. - a richer, tastier blog.”

After all, this whole blogging thing has enabled a much richer global dialogue to take place, showing the world our doings on a more transparent organic level. We really are more than just a corporate bike company comprised of robots that sit at computers all day manufacturing bikes and shipping them. We actually ride them, tinker with them, smile with them, drink with them, master them, fall in love with them, and crave them everyday. We hope that over time this venue will foster inspiration, laughter, ideas, questioning, learning, creativity, community, and promote a hell of a lot of cycling.

From the folks of Raleigh Kemyooter Etc.,


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