Tuesday, December 4, 2007


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Thought this little poster from Arkitip was funny:

...partly because I seem to say this far too often; I am a big promoter of fresh, organic, local, sustainable vegetables and a big promoter of bikes.

Seattle has had some epic weather the past 4 days with Saturday starting things with a lovely snow storm, blanketing the streets and city with a nice white glow. Sunday the snow left and the rains came down, and down, and down, and down... Monday arrived and the rain had no intention of letting up nor the 35mph winds, it was the second time in Seattle's history that we received the most rain in one day. I will admit I didn't ride during this epic storm, but I did think about it.
It was about a year ago that my commute was only 12 miles round trip; so I rode to work every single day, rain, snow, or shine - yesterday's epic weather wouldn't have even phased me. But, now I think twice. With a 50 mile round trip to the office - wet clothes, foggy glasses, and soggy toes start to become pretty annoying after mile 15 not to mention a little cold. It is truly amazing how the addition of 38 miles puts me in a different mind set about riding into work - there's more effort, earlier waking hours, having to actually ride with a repair kit, charging lights, packing my clothes (I used to just wear jeans everywhere), pack a lunch (I no longer have the cafes of downtown at my finger tips), and actually checking the weather the night before.

So, the weather will pass and back out on my bike I will be...


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