Friday, April 11, 2008

New Beginnings

It's been 2 weeks since Carey and Case left me to commute alone. I could be sad about this and mope my way into work every day. Instead I decided to shake things up, try some new things, and meet some new people to ride in with.

Carey and I had become such good regulars at All City that the Baristas would start our order as we were dismounting our bikes. It would be easy for me to continue to swing in there every day and pretend that nothing had changed. Instead I found a new coffee shop to stop at along a new route I'll be taking. The staff seems friendly, the pastries tasty, and the Americano is pulled correctly. We'll see how this new relationship works out over the next couple months.

After I got my fix I set out to find someone to talk to on the way into work. Unfortunately there aren't a lot of people that make the 20 (odd) miles from Seattle heading South. I did happen upon a couple people though...
This guy was too fast and not very talkative. His head was down, sweat dripping off his nose with his mouth agape. It looked more like an exercise in pain than a pleasant ride into work.
I see this lady all the time. She always waves and has a smile on her face. Unfortunately she heads the opposite direction...

I finished my morning commute alone but with my head held high. This was my first attempt trying to find someone to ride with. While I didn't find anyone this morning there's still an entire ride home to meet strangers.
And strange they got. I met this guy right out the door and rode with him all the way into downtown.

He seems normal enough.

Then later on that nite I ran into this girl...

She seems nice too...

While I'm going to miss my old riding partners. I can't wait to see who I get to ride with next.

Have a great weekend.


K said...

If you're ever inclined to head South, you're more than welcome to link up with us. Think a colleague of yours passed us on the Inter right before turning off to the GR trail on, presumably, a late lunch ride. Anyway, there's some damn fine Stumptown espresso here in T-town that'd be worth the trip. Trust me.

Good rides this weekend, all around fo sho.

ChrisB. said...

Glad to see you're picking up the pieces and forging ahead. Know that we are all riding with in spirit.

NOTE: When riding in spirit please take into account time zone differences and schedule fluctuations.


Anonymous said...

That guy you spotted with the big black glasses rolling an In The Beginning frame is PJ. He's an ex-messenger who works for Raleigh. But you seem to ride for Raleigh so maybe you knew that already. If you see him again ask for one of his stickers.