Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Wall By Any Other Name...

What do Country Fried Steak and a 28% climb have in common? I don't know either, but they were both on my plate Sunday.

After an awesome breakfast at Gravy the Bicycle Vigilantes over at Yakima Racks, and Carey drug my sorry butt out for a ride. I was hoping for a nice leisurely ride around PDX, as we had all been up late eating Fots.
I've never been known for my luck.

After an all too brief warm up, the city had been left behind and all that lay in front of us were country roads. I was beside myself. To have access to quiet roads that close to downtown...unimaginable in Seattle.

{come on...really!?} {a couple of vigilantes}

Through rolling pastures, a couple of climbs, great weather and really bad jokes our ride continued. As we approached the end of our ride things took an up-turn. A 28% up-turn. Ryan and Dylan thought it would be fun to put on our crampons and scale a vertical wall they called 'Brynwood'. I call it ridiculous! Carey and Dylan got an early jump on the climb and were soon Zig-Zag'n their way up. Ryan and I attacked the climb heading straight up the one lane road. We matched each other pedal stroke for painful pedal stroke to the top. Or...what I thought was the top. Turns out there was a turn, and it continued to go up. While fishing for air Ryan gasped a laugh at me. He had managed to catch himself a big old 'sucker fish' to follow him up the first third of the climb.

{Ouch}{cutting a zig}{the road IS at this angle} {catching our breath}
{fortunately it was mostly downhill back to town}

I love riding in new places with new people. Can't wait to head back soon and get some more.


kevlarbikes said...

If you like ridiculous climbs, go to Pittsburgh to ride the Dirty Dozen:

ChrisB. said...

Dear god - horror and fun all in one package.

Is it true that as a condition of employment, Rapha employees may only be photographed in black and white?


BF kemyooter said...

kevlarbikes...37%?!?!?! I feel like Dr Brown when I say it. (1.21 GIGAWATTS!)
My knees are still sore from that climb! I think they'd spontainously explode if I did yours. nailed it. Fourtunatly, I don't have a very good photo shop because they requested I hi-light all the pink accents.

Hermes said...

Nice to see the ol'Merckx still gets some love out in Raleighville USA

Jon said...

Come on down to Boise for the Bogus Basin Hillclimb in early September. You'll love the town, the riding, and the climbing!

BF kemyooter said...

I love climbs (really...I do) and I'm loving the suggestions. I just need to convince Raleigh here that they need to send me to these places and check 'em out.

Chunk said...

you should come down this way and do the fargo st hill climb sometime.

33% the whole way up.