Friday, March 27, 2009


And not a thing happened this week. Unless you count...

We got some new stickers in this week. They turned out pretty sweet and seem to fit in perfect at your local Tavern.

Kyle...our very own Product Manager...has started to ride into work again, in an attempt to work off the winter Pint work outs. So I have someone to ride with every now and again.

We've started our meetings to make the Rush Hour Revolution bigger and better this year.

The sun came out...sort of...this week. Trying to spark a little hope in hearts of Seattlites.

{so it was more like a Black and Tan}

Speaking of Black and least the Black stuff...I HAD to dive into Loretta's yesterday on my way home to share a long distance Car Bomb with Brother-In-Law on his Birthday.

{the only time I ask for a smaller shot...that glass won't fit}

I got to ship off an unusable XXIX frame to the kids at Yakima for them to use in their Test Lab. I really hope I get some pictures back from them with the results of their tests.

And while we may have just finished our 2010 bikes, that doesn't mean we can't start dreaming and creating new bikes for 2011, does it? I think we came up with a pretty sweet rig, and a great graphic for it this week.

So, yeah. Pretty quiet week around here. We'll see what kind of boredom I can find this weekend. And if you think about it...tomorrow, everyone is being encouraged to turn their lights off for an hour to raise awareness of the global climate changes. I can't help but think this might have another effect. Something similar to a phenomenon know as Power Outage Babies. (but that's just me)


sherry said...

i want some of those stickers!

BF kemyooter said...

you know where to find me. Shoot me an email with a destination and soon you too will be a stickering bandit