Thursday, March 19, 2009

Measure Once...

Cut Twice?

My dad is really good at woodwork. He's a regular Terry the Toolman kind of guy and I know deep down that he could show that Over Plaid Wearing Bob Villa a thing or four. He's built everything from coat racks, to desks, to beds to a couple of the friggin houses we've lived in. If there's ever a flood that start to encompass the globe...I'm making a B line for my dad's house.

Running down the evolutionary chain I received many things from my Pa. I got my fathers humor, his ability to pay attention when the TV is on, some of his dance moves, and his follically challenged scalp. But no where in there did I receive his knack at being handy. That was passed down to my little sister who made a stellar lamp in high school that I still use to this day.

PJ...Inside Sales Person Extraordinaire, former Messenger and occasional grouch without a beer in hand...acquired a space that he's turning into his very own PJ's Bike-O-Rama. Last nite he was hanging up some peg board so I stopped on in to style.

{Yup...looks level boys}

{Hey...look at all the bikes}

{What do you mean it's too short?! Cut it again!}

{Shiny...and warm}

{See...I told you guys it'd turn out fine}

The Bike-O-Rama is coming along nicely and should serve many people well this summer. Not necessarily in a 'bike fixing' kind of way. Maybe more in a 'hang out around a bunch of bikes while drinking beer in the alley way' kind of way. Should be a screaming success.

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