Thursday, March 5, 2009

Tour? What Tour?

The Tour of California is over. Levi went on to 3peat. A guy by the name of Lance was there. It rained, there was snow, some really expensive bikes, there was a Doper Devil, and I earned the Lantern Rouge of posting the rest of my trip.

So...instead of trying to remember stories, complaining about weather, or making up Haiku's about the trip...I'll just purge some random pictures from my camera and move on.

{The Yakima Vigilantes were a Valentine treat to see in Sacramento}

{While the Doping Control RV was checking the athletes, they should have been checking the spectators. The crowds were insane, even in the driving rain}

A couple of easy steps to brighten your mood...

1) "Find" some balloons after the race is over

{These will do}

2) Distract the Local Law enforcement crew who was eyeballing you "finding" balloons

{Officer, the Duke Boys went thata way}

3) Insert your own soundtrack and enjoy


Classy Establishments are all the norm in Cali...

{No Rainier in this Club}
{but the High Life could prove to be in interesting muse....}

If I had made it all the way down to SF with my bike and didn't ride the Golden Gate Bridge...I don't know if I ever would have forgiven myself.

{'s a bridge}

Managed to get one completely dry ride in on my last day in the "Sunshine State". Andrew from CXMagazine took me for a pretty sweet spin. While I spent more time in the car getting there and returning...the ride he took me on was soooo worth it.

{it was all sunshine days and lollipops this day}

{I seem to remember a site that involved 'something on' Top Tubes}

{Is that even still around?}

{So long California...until...well...maybe Sea Otter?}

I fell like I can move on now in this has been hanging around my neck like an albatross.

It's been a pretty random week around here...full of surprises. I'll try and get some of it up tomorrow.


sherry said...

I'm going to ToC next year dammit!

BF kemyooter said...


Jeff said...

I dont know what top tube website your refering to, the one i know is definately still around and getting people in trouble with their bosses.....oh, wait. That was just you!