Thursday, April 9, 2009


Just about a year ago I came across this poor guy left out on the curb.

I have no idea what adventures were in store for this discarded memory. I just hope its journey eventually found it on the Island of Misfit Toys.

Almost exactly a year later, while riding home I happened right upon this poor little Simba sitting on the trail.

{Hakuna Matata?}

I actually approached it with great caution...for fear that someone was actually "in" the giant stuffed animal. Waiting for some unsuspecting trail user to get too close...and then pounce while a giggling accomplice hid in the bushes with a camcorder ready to put the hi jinx on YouTube that nite.

Of course, no one was in the Doe Eyed stuffed cat so I promptly did what anyone would do...I pulled out my handy camera phone and posted the picture on my Facebook and Twitter pages. (my god...what have I become?!) The responses I got from my 'friends' showed up waaaaaaaay too quickly...

-Damn, That's where I left him...and I thought he was lost
-Why does all the cool stuff happen to you? Sweet.
-My son wants me to go there and pick him up.
-Did you give her a ride?
-are you sure that wasn't an acid flashback?
-ditto on the acid flashback...
-dude i knew i dropped that somewhere
-Is there a person in there?
-is their a prison near by?

It warmed my heart to see a few people were actually missing their lost friend, one offered up adoption, and still another was concerned about it's well being and wanted me to make sure it had a safe home for the evening until it was reunited with it's pal...however my bicycle has a strict policy on who it offers rides too...
Some Swine, Be Divine, or Rainier will be one rides for free.

I was also relieved that I wasn't the only one who thought there was someone hiding out in the thing. Maybe I have seen too many YouTube clips. Maybe being brought up watching Allen Funt constantly gag people on Candid Camera has made me leery of the weird things I encounter in life. (did I just date myself?)

The acid flashback I had to think about for a moment, but quickly dismissed it as an option when the Trail Simba didn't tell me to find my soul mate or take me on a magical journey through a world made of Bacon, where the Rainier are tame and all the girls are on Bicycles. Besides...I was able to capture the image on my phone...

A prison?! What does that even mean?! How do I 'unfriend' this person?!

Spring seems to have sprung. If this is what the beginning is looking like, this should be a fun summer.


CAREY S-H said...

Damn! And that is about the point where we would always smell the processed chocolate chip cookies...maybe the basketball christian team that we always imagined in our minds actually exists and this was an evangelical ploy?

Fuck! totally wish I was with you on the trail to encounter that!


Anonymous said...

I think our businesses are adjacent to each other, i saw the same animal!