Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hooverville Fundraiser

It felt like the beginning of any late 70's early 80's sit com. Three years ago I packed up my 4Runner, waved good by to my friends and slowly drove away from the tiny ski town I had called home. My adventures took me across the highways of the West and eventually had me driving on up to Seattle. Surrounded by skyscrapers and fast moving cars...I had arrived.

Moving from a town with 7 bars in it, to a place like Seattle was a little daunting. I was soon directed to a local tavern that had opened up the same weekend I pulled into town. It housed friendly genuine people. The staff is fun and lively. Peanut shells covered the floor and the walls are filled with memorbilia...not TVs. To top it all off, they let me bring my bicycle inside as there are no bikes racks in SODO. Call it destiny, call it coincidence...I called it home.
On Februray 25th, 2009 I rolled into work and had 10 new text messages...all of them proclaiming that Hooverville was on fire.
After the smoke settled I was relieved to hear that no one was in the bar, and if it was possible, there was talk about when they would reopen. And though no one was hurt in the blaze...the staff are feeling the effects. As the bar had to close, so did their full time employment. Currently, all of them are out of work until the bar can re-open. (ask anyone how hard it is trying to find work...let alone temporary work...right now)
So this Friday is a fundraiser for the Bartenders. Absolutely ALL the proceeds from the evening will go directly into the pockets of staff.
{Even bartenders need to eat}

{gives you a rough idea, and a landmark}

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