Thursday, May 14, 2009

2010 Photo Shoot

Has already started (good thing I picked up a camera on my way to the studio) We spent the whole day inside as the weather started crappy and we wanted some studio time for our brand new carbon bike we'll be releasing later this year. I'll do my best to update as the shoot rolls along over the next couple weeks.

So here are some snaps from my memory card...all carbon today.

{Seeing more than double}

{After a couple years away, the Team is back in the lineup}

{Fast sitting still}

{Curves = Sexy}

{You sank my battle ship...}

{I'm sure we could've placed a logo here somewhere}

{Tapered Headtube...stiff}

{White Heat}

{Models can be soooo hard to work with}

{Motofish working the Ctrl + Open Apple +Del}

{2010 Prestige}

{Seattle Beer Week is still going on...}
{Like you didn't see this coming at the end of the day!}

More to come...

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Dr.Rutledge said...

Hi BF,

Awesome looking bike. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

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