Wednesday, May 6, 2009

April Showers

Bring May Showers.

Four possible days of riding in this much hyped "Ride Your Bike to Work Month".

Day 1
Spent it in my truck...banging my head on the steering wheel. It was beautiful. Alas I had to drive in to pick up a bike and drop it off at a local shop. Bummed

Day 2
Rode in and tempted fate. A storm was percolating but wasn't supposed to pour into Seattle until later in the evening. So I did what anyone would do...I pulled on my Carharts and rode in without fenders. Leaving the Raleigh MotherShip after work I immediately regretted my choices.

*5 minutes into the ride I had water drops building on the brim of my cap
*10 minutes - I could feel the bottom of socks getting wet
*15 minutes - Receiving the 'double team' from up above and Carharts gained 10lbs
*25 minutes - Road grit that built on my saddle and pants starts making an unnerving crunching sound
*35 minutes - I turn down a beer because I still have another 5 miles to get home...does that give ya'll an idea as to how bad it was?
*45 minutes - Is something starting to chafe?!
*52 minutes - I'm standing in a puddle...that I'm my kitchen

Day 3
50 mph gusts and my shoes were still bloated. The only question crazier to ask me than "did you drive" would be "would you like bacon with that"

The sun came out that afternoon.....(insert expletive here)

Day 4
Glorious fenders...


Dan O said...

Day 2 sounds like my day. Took a chance on fender less carbon love and paid the price.

Fenders are good. Must respect the fenders....

Bárður Örn said...

Man you should try the Icelandic Bike to Work Week!! It's been raining cats and dogs, storm now for the first 4 days, the waves of the North Atlantic delivering not only cold sea but also rocks and rubble on the bike paths. So, fenders, yes! Winter bike, yes! Spiked tires, not any more! Rain suit and high spirits, yes! Hot brew on arrival to work, cold Polar Beer on arrival back home! Cheers!