Wednesday, May 20, 2009

West Side Story

It has it all.
Rivals...two gangs willing to duke it out to the end in order to claim superiority over the other.
Romance...with a tragic conclusion because that's how all relationships end...tragic (hmmm...bitter?)
Excitement...fight scenes the way people should dance.

And all this can be seen this weekend in Seattle...performed on the streets. The West Side Invite rolls into town with all the thunder of the Oscar winning performance.

Rivals...duking it out in various events from alleycats, polo, skids, stands, drinking, stinking, eating...all to gain an edge over their opponent.
Romance...come on...a bunch of messengers riding around all goofed up. More than one person will be pulling on their 'regrets' in the morning as they try and sneak out.
Excitement...I could only hope there would be bicycle dance fighting. Something similar to the bicycle dance scene in Rad.

If you're in Seattle this're bound to see part of the mayhem rolling around.

Next post...more 2010 Bikes.

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