Friday, April 6, 2007


{words by carey}

If you were fortunate enough to get up this week before the sun rose, than like myself you were probably escorted for a good portion of your ride by the milky white glow of the moon. Mmm...what a wonderful experience; the moon is definitely a magical cosmic creature that I welcome any morning or night that I ride. Along with a full moon came a week of temperatures that exceeding 60 degrees, putting Seattlelites in radiant moods and back on their bicycles.
This morning the ride in was spectacular; I met up with Charles, an old friend, and we rode to Georgetown to have coffee at All City (one of my favorites) before he had to pedal to Urban Hardwoods where he works. Just as Charles was leaving, Brian arrived, had a double tall Americano, and then we hopped on our bikes with tires pointed toward Raleigh.
The sun was so addicting today that it drew a group of riders and skaters to hit the skate park at lunch. I got wind of the plan and asked if I could join. The plan was to go along as "photographer," but I ended up rolling through the bowl a couple of times on a borrowed BMX of Trevor's. The crew that entertained me for an hour in the sun was Aaron and PJ (Customer Service Rep's), Trevor (Diamondback Marketing Coordinator), and Brian (Western Manager - National Accounts). I hope to get a BMX bike after I get back from Sea Otter. Maybe if I hit the park enough, I'll actually be able to do a couple jumps by the end of summer. Be sure to look for more action shots - and we might even throw in a couple films later this summer.
Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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