Friday, April 27, 2007


"I am thinking of riding in with you tomorrow," Myles (my husband) mentioned last night. "Sure, that would be cool, can you be ready to go out the door at 6am?" I asked. "6AM!" he exclaimed.

So, at 6:15am we mounted our bikes and started out into the drizzle of the morning. It's interesting how you get used to your route and riding with your devoted commuting partner; I kind of forgot Myles had never been on this route before, so the first big transition of crossing 4 lanes of traffic ended up being a bit of an adrenaline boost. I was ready to cross the traffic to access the Duwamish trail but failed to tell Myles. He was forced to cut fairly close in front of an old Honda sedan. Horn blaring, hand raised, and fumbling with his coffee, the driver passed Myles with a contorted look on his face. Myles seems to collect car horn blasts (this being his 3rd of the morning).

After this, the ride was pretty mellow. We did pass a huge sign on the trail that read "Prosser Piano." Myles jumped the 30ft span a couple times, but I only caught his approach on film. The only other oddity before hitting Raleigh was a fugitive chicken pecking about in the trail side grass.

Myles turned around immediately for the trek back to Seattle (a good 50 miles round trip), while I had to put in a full eight hour day before heading home. The ride wasn't too eventful except Matt and I passed the same mystery chicken that Myles and I did in the morning. We stopped to have a chat with him, but he didn't like Matt that much, so I started chattering, "here chicky, chicky, chicky." We zoned out on this chicken for about 10 minutes before realizing that we were staring at a chicken for 10 minutes...what the heck? So, back on the bikes and onward home.

{Here is a little footage of our pecking friend}

Bikes: Carey-single speed Raleigh Professional Myles-Competition Matt - DBR Podium 5

Coffee: I had a whole French Press of Mind Body and Soul blend to myself (it was one of those mornings).

Rant: Riding is infectious - soon your friends will follow.

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Tim Grahl said...

"Honey, why are you late?"

"I stopped to talk to a chicken"