Monday, April 30, 2007


For your evening reading click here and here - that is, if you haven't already hit these articles. One of them has a great multimedia slide show that features our Rush Hour Pro in the "AT THE TRACK" tab (rider is a Team DC Racing member).

But really folks, kids were riding fixed gears without brakes from the very beginning of the bicycle's existence. Not only were they riding fixed, but their bikes were super heavy and a couple sizes too big for them.

{courtesy of ampersand vintage}

Interesting articles, nonetheless, and you can't argue with a picture of our sponsored racer on a Rush Hour Pro!



A-Rock said...

Yes, that sponsored rider is from Team DC Racing (Danny's Cycles, Scarsdale, NY). Also notice the Rush Hour Pro's position in the front of the pack

CS-H kemyooter said...

yes, we noticed and I meant to make a link to Team DC Racing blog. position is perfect! we knew that Danny's would be smoking on our Raleigh's.