Monday, April 2, 2007


For a lot of us, commuting to work on a bicycle is only part of the addiction of traveling on two wheels. Once you realize how fun and practical a bicycle is, it somehow becomes an extension of your being and you take it everywhere with you (or it takes you everywhere). I bet most of the people that commute on a bicycle all week extend their riding into the weekend. This weekend's April Fools' Day ride was a bit out of the ordinary; it involved cruisers, a big crowd, some beer, whipping cream, aliases, and jousting. Yes, it was a Pie Jousting (this is last years website) event on bikes. Sully's Snowgoose Saloon presented its 7th Annual April Fool's Day Pie Joust, sponsored by New Belgium Brewing Company.

I was intrigued by the event, so a handful of us hopped on our bikes and headed to the Snowgoose. At first, I only wanted to watch, but a friend coaxed me into signing up. I took the name Blue Jay, and my first battle was against a guy named Shrek. I have to admit that I was a bit nervous, as I had just witnessed some pretty brutal pie hits in the face. I figured the only thing I had going for me was riding skills, but I managed to nail Shrek to the right of his neck; somehow I came out clean, though in the picture it looks like I am about to get creamed. The Quarter Finals finally rolled around and I was up against the Preacher. Let's just say that he had better aim then I did; I got SLAMMED in the face, while he cruised away with nothing more than chest-full of pie. Bummer, I was hoping to claim the Pie Jousting title of 2007. Oh well, the Preacher ended up winning the whole thing, so I didn't feel too bad about loosing to him. Besides, I got some great New Belgium schwag---a t-shirt, bottle opener, patch kit, and some lip balm.

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