Monday, October 29, 2007


{words & images brian}

Evil will always triumph because good, is dumb.

I don’t know if we were out to do good on Saturday but things definitely turned evil. A Super Hero bicycle ride around Seattle, helping citizens, performing ‘feats of strength’ and making the city a little bit safer.

Feats of strength…

One handed hill climb in Gas Works Park

Super toe down at the “Wall of Death”

One handed kiddy pool rim ride in Greenlake

Super Hero scramble up the Fremont Troll

Consume a Slooper Sized beverage at the Sloop in Ballard

Like a bad Episode of the Tick our collection of Heros took on the city. Midwest Girl and Retail Sales Guy were so overly polite to some people they turned and ran. Sanitation man picked up errant trash while anorexic Hulk proclaimed “Hulk not Hungry”. Captain Bubble Wrap protected various packages as Orgasmo aimed his gun at others. Nom de Plum proved the pen was mighty while Bathroom Matt and his scrubber of Justice walked all over the rest of us in ‘Superness’.

During our Super Patrol of the city we stopped and helped mild mannered citizens along the way. Making sure cross walks were clean and clear of cars. Turning ordinary photos people were taking into Super Photos by adding ourselves in the mix. Showing BMX groms the Super way of riding the BMX course.

At the end of our Super Ride only Bathroom Matt (earning the title of Most Super Hero) and Captain Bubble Wrap were still riding/standing until we came across Chuck Norris. Two swift round house kicks to the head and our Super Day was done…for some of us. As the sun set on our fair city…Captain Bubble Wrap (protector of packages) rode into the sunset and continued his search for injustice as Evil never rests!


James said...

Great pictures. Definitely makes me want to ride in Seattle.

Dan said...

I wish I was super.

For what it's worth, I did squeeze in an assault on Devil's Gulch Sunday. Can I be redeemed by the Legion of Justice?