Tuesday, October 23, 2007


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Ahh...yet another sunny fall day in Seattle. I have decided today that I will keep a running tally of all the days we have rain (starting today); as I am curious just how rainy Seattle can be for a full fall/winter season.

The morning treated our trio of riders well; a new riding partner joined Brain and I - Ryan O. who is a rep for Montrail, Columbia, and Sorel footwear. It was his first ride down south and longest ride he has done in about 3 years; he had been following our blog and got inspired to ride along. Plus, having a new 2008 Prestige under him seemed to help (smile). He was like a little kid in a candy store, weaving in and out of the yellow dash lines, sprinting forward into the head wind, grinning from ear to ear...Brian and I just hung back watching him ecstatically pedal and weave around, it was as if we were watching our son take his first long ride. This is what I love about bikes, they bring the purist and most raw pleasure to us; it doesn't take a much...just a few pedal strokes, a brisk morning, an Americano, and good company.


First shot of coffee - Up Town Espresso Olympic Sculpture Park - 6:28am

Pile up - 7:00 am All City Coffee, Georgetown.

On our way to South Park with Rainier in full view.

This rig rolled up behind us in South Park and I felt like I couldn't get my camera out fast enough - luckily Brian had his and got a great shot of this custom dump truck - pretty sweet I must admit!

Rolling over the "coasting bridge."

Did I mention it was sunny this morning?

Came across Spiderman today and couldn't pass up the opportunity for a few snaps. Right after this, Brian started to sing the Spiderman theme, "Spiderman...spiderman...doing the things a spider can..." I piped in and questioned whether that was the correct song, I thought it was too corny. Ryan looks at me and says, "Where have you been Schleicher? That is totally the song!"

So, the bet was placed and whoever was wrong had to press the coffee when we got to office. So...I get to my desk and I have 2 emails in my inbox with this:

So...I had to press the coffee this morning!

Last bridge to Raleigh.


These men and this machine reminded me of those PlaySkool characters from the 80's.

Matt on his Sojourn - our ride home last night was so warm and sunny it felt like spring.

I extended my ride home as the weather was begging for more saddle time - this was the last bridge I crossed before walking through the Locks to Ballard.


Days of rain as of 10.23.07: zero

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