Wednesday, May 7, 2008

On the Bright Side

{Would love a splash of blue here}
This morning I awoke with a heavy sigh and a 'piss poor' attitude. Looking out my window was the same painting I've seen all winter. Grey skies, the huge tree in the back yard swaying from the head wind I'll face, and the squirrels (that nest in my attic) shivering from the cold.

As I frowned my way down the road, I happened to cross paths with a good friend. Even though we were headed in opposite directions we stopped and had a quick chat. After the chat I couldn't help thinking what a sweet surprise that was. And while the wind picked up, so did my disposition. So I began to think "yup its cold and windy but at least..."

1) I'm not wearing toe warmers anymore

2) I haven't really needed a front fender on my new Rush Hour, because I can't put one on

3) I haven't had to stuff newspaper in my shoes to dry them out lately

4) It's bike to work month and there are now people to say 'hi' to on the morning ride

5) KEXP provides a sweet Podcast that keeps my music fresh

6) I've been riding across flower petals on the trail and not glass

7) My muffler fell off my 4Runner so I really have to ride into work right now (no excuses)

{Seattle Green Room}

{Splitting the difference}

{This one stays on till July}

While the list is was just enough. Just enough that I got into a sweet little groove this morning and almost overshot work to keep riding a little bit longer.

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