Friday, June 13, 2008

Holy Crap!

My Raleigh Team Bike and I are a banner on the Rapha website. I wrote earlier about the ride we all did in honor of Andy Hampstens memorable stage. Turns out the folks down there decided to add the ride to their list. Check it out here.

Anyway. Yesterday we had a break from our June-uary weather and the sun broke out. Amazing what a little Vitamin Sun will do for you.

{this just makes me happy looking at it}

{a little excerpt from our ride yesterday, I'm slowly learning video stuff...}

Made it to a good friends 40th Birthday last nite. Shoot...I remember when turning 21 was a big deal. Then 30 seemed like things were creeping up on me. Now my friends are rounding 40...which means I'm not too far off as well.

40 is the new 20...right?

{happy birthday Shenanigans}

{Sidi smut}

Who knows what the weekend has in store. Georgetown is having their music festival...and I loves me some Helmet. A good friend is having an entire going away day. And it's Fathers Day on Sunday, so make sure you give your Pa a call or go fire up the grill with him.

The suns out, the weekend is calling, and it's time to go to work.

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