Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Thoughts of dryer days...

This is what we're looking at today in Seattle. You have to love a place where the weather people can confidently announce a 100% chance of rain almost any day of the week.

While *gasp* driving into the office today my thoughts wandered to last week. It was so sunny and warm that I was actually sweating on my way home. As I neared downtown Seattle my legs let out a little groan. I haven't had a day off my bike in months. The commuting, racing and general transportation were taking their toll on my crank turners. But the weather was so nice!
Ride more?
Thankfully I ran into a buddy of mine on his Rush Hour on his way home. I figured this was a sign that I should keep riding...and am glad I did.

{gotta love an empty road}

{red...the color the pros use}

{prison trails}

{dueling Rush Hours}

{random street treasure}

Whenever a ride calls, you should always answer. And whenever you find something as sweet as canned bacon...you make sure your credit card is ready!

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