Friday, June 6, 2008


“On June 5th American climber Andy Hampsten made his name on the 17th stage of the 1988 Giro, attacking in atrocious weather in the Dolomites. Bad weather had been forecast and, as sleet turned to snow, fear gripped the peloton. The riders were soaked to the skin and intimidated by what lay ahead – the legendary Passo di Gavia.
After climbing the 2621m pass, with sections of 18%, Hampsten was braking and pedaling at the same time to keep warm on the descent. But by the finish he was in the Maglia Rosa and the Giro was won."

Yesterday the Rapha Crew hosted an ride in honor of one of the greatest cycling stories of all time. We gathered in their office, received advice from Andy himself as we readied ourselves for the weather and the climb.
"Remember, you guys don't have to do it. I was paid."
Truer words were never spoken.
80 miles.
14 miles of climbing
Portland wind and rain.
Snow topped finish.
Celebratory beer.

{getting ready}

{this is actually a color was really that grey!}

{climbing...but where's the snow?}

{signs and gates wouldn't have stopped Andy!}

{giving Raleigh Team bike a taste of snow}
{end of the line}

{did Andy have a pitcher waiting for him?}

While I don't think our ride was quite as epic as what Andy rode through 20 years ago, I think we all appreciated what he did a little more at the end of the ride.

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