Friday, June 27, 2008

Air of Anticipation

I know that Stevil at the Bummer Life is really good about getting all psyched up over all the new bikes he is constantly getting. (How the hell does he pull that off?! I work for a bike manufacturer and don’t get as many new bikes as that guy!) He posts the pictures of the frame before he gets it.
When he gets it.
While he’s building it.
While he’s sleeping with it.
And when it first encounters Danzig’s mustache while eating bacon.

Well, I have a new rig on the way. I have pictures of what the frame is going to look like. And it looks hot. Personally, I think it’s the best looking Raleigh we’ve ever done. And everyone who’s seen the picture whole hardily agrees. I want to post the pictures so badly, but I think I’d rather wait until I have it in my possession before I reveal its hotness. I do know that my parts have started to show up for it. And I’m checking the mail room like Ralphie waiting for his Orphan Annie Decoder Ring. A couple weeks ago my FSA Energy Handle Bar, Stem, Seatpost, and Energy crank showed up. It was soon followed by my White Candy 2 ti pedals. What really got me going though is when these showed up…

Ahhhhh. Carbon Force Brake Levers with all the guts removed.
Plus I got a few other choice parts that should be showing up soon. I can picture it now...WOW. Backwards…WOW
Upside down…MOM

If you’re in Seattle this weekend there’s going to be some more ‘alternative fun’ going on in Georgetown. If you ride your bike south of Seattle you can check out the chainsaw wielding skeleton as it takes on a hedge trimming Lobster. It’s freak’n sweet!

Alright. The sun is out and I had THE best ride into work this morning yet this year. There was something about pulling my arm warmers off, feeling the sun, and being pushed by the wind. Often during the winter it’s easy to forget there’s a 14,000ft volcano outside of Seattle. When it shows up in the summer, it’s truly breath taking. I'm going to head out and enjoy Part II of my ride.

Enjoy the weekend.


ChrisB. said...

First, I'm vicariously excited about your new bike. Pretty much every time someone I remotely/vaguely know gets a new bike, guitar, or amp, I'm excited. It's kind of sad really, but I'm OK with it, I really am.

BF kemyooter said...

Just wait till you see it! I got the saddle today. And should be receiving my colored Hudz tomorrow. All I need now is to get the frame here!